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Department of Photochemistry & Molecular Science


Research Our research is frequently interdisciplinary, spanning from molecular biology over biochemistry and synthetic chemistry to chemical physics. We are presently about 50 people, with c.a.15 senior researchers, 10 post-docs and 20 PhD students. Our department is organized in two programs:

Chemical Physics lies in between chemistry and physics, akin to physical chemistry. We focus mainly on laser spectroscopy and photochemical processes, where chemical dynamics and reactions are initiated and studied with light, often with ultra-short laser pulses on the femtosecond timescale. Read more ».

Molecular Biomimetics is concerned with mimicking natural processes in synthetic molecular complexes. We study both natural and artificial photosynthesis with biochemical methods, EPR spectroscopy and metallo-organic synthetic chemistry. Read more »

Artificial Photosynthesis: Hydrogen from sun and water is a collaborative project between the both divisions. Here we attempt to generate a valuable fuel - molecular hydrogen - from solar energy and water. We mimic fundamental reactions of natural photosynthesis in synthetic molecular complexes, but also study and genetically control cyanobacteria to photosynthetically produce hydrogen. Read more »

EducationWe teach on undergraduate courses in physical and general chemistry as well as on more specialized courses. Read more »

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