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Funded under the New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST) priority of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), SOLAR-H brings together world-leading laboratories to carry out integrated, basic research on the common goal of hydrogen production from renewable resources. In the SOLAR-H programme, experts from five EU countries and Switzerland, work towards this goal in research fields ranging from genetics and molecular biology to biophysics and organo-metallic and physical chemistry.

The vision is to develop novel, as yet unproven or even non-existing routes for H2 production from solar energy and water. In a unique effort, this project integrates, for the first time, two frontline topics - artificial photosynthesis in man-made chemical systems, and photo-biological H2 production using living organisms. Hydrogen production by these methods is still a long way off, but it has a vast potential and is of utmost importance for the energy-dependent European economy.

Goals for research on natural photosynthesis and photobiological hydrogen production:

(1) Demonstration of functional H2 producing bioreactors using the first deliberately improved green algae or cyanobacteria.

(2) Improving our molecular understanding of the natural processes aiming towards a sustainable production of H2 in cyanobacteria or green algae.

Goals for research on artificial photosynthesis and artificial photo-hydrogen production:

(1) Synthesis of the first bio-mimetic manganese complexes linked to ruthenium able to perform photochemical water splitting, mimicking the water oxidation process in natural photosynthesis.

(2) Synthesis of the first bio-mimetic iron compounds able to catalytically produce H2 driven by light energy, mimicking natural hydrogenases.


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