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Molecular Biomimetics




SOLAR-H2 brings together 12 world-leading European laboratories to carry out integrated, basic research aimed at achieving renewable hydrogen (H2) production from environmentally safe resources. The vision is to develop novel routes for the production of a Solar-fuel, in our case H2, from very abundant, effectively inexhaustible resources, solar enery and water. Our multidisciplinary expertise spans from molecular biology, biotechnology, via biochemistry and biophysics to organo-metallic and physical chemistry. The project integrates two frontline research topics: photobiological H2 production in living organisms, and artificial photosynthesis in man-made systems.

(A) Natural photosynthesis and photobiological hydrogen production


(1) Demonstration of functional H2 producing bioreactors using the first deliberately improved green algae or cyanobacteria.




(2) Improving our molecular understanding of the natural processes aiming towards a sustainable production of H2 in cyanobacteria or green algae.




3) Creation of the knowledge basis for improvements of the H2 production by metabolic and genetic engineering. Linking the scientific fields.


(B) Artificial photosynthesis and artificial photo-hydrogen production


(1) Synthesis of the first bio-mimetic manganese complexes linked to ruthenium able to perform photochemical water splitting. Mimicking natural photosynthesis.




(2) Synthesis of the first bio-mimetic iron compounds able to catalytically produce H2 using light energy. Mimicking natural hydrogenases.




(3) Achieve basic understanding of the natural processes to facilitate bio-mimetic approaches. Linking the two fields.

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